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Dr Danielle Shanahan

Danielle is currently exploring how the extinction of experience influences both physical and mental human wellbeing in urban landscapes, in collaboration with Hub researcher Dr Richard Fuller (relevant to Projects 4.1 & 4.2). In 2012 she joined the NERP Environmental Decisions Hub after working with the Queensland Government and is particularly interested in trying to bridge the gap between science and policy development for biodiversity. She completed her PhD in 2010 at the University of Queensland where her project focused on developing general rules and testing a priori predictions about how landscape change impacts bird populations.


Photo information

Danielle's PhD research highlighted that genetic relatedness within populations of specialist species such as this yellow-throated scrubwren can be heavily influenced by landscape pattern.
A pohutukawa flower on the remote Aorangi Island New Zealand, where Danielle assisted research on how the life-history traits of NZ birds have been influenced by introduced predators.
Danielle radio-tracking Asian elephants in Myanmar as part of a Smithsonian Conservation Research Centre project. The team was working to gain a better understanding about human-elephant conflicts in the Bago Yoma region.

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