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Dr Hawthorne Beyer

I work at the interface between disease, movement and population ecology. Spatial and social structure in host populations has a profound influence on disease transmission, prevalence, persistence and, therefore, the evolution of pathogens. My focus is on understanding how environment shapes the distribution and dispersal of hosts, trade-offs between connectivity and transmission, and the implications of metapopulation dynamics for control. Advancing our understanding of disease transmission in the context of host ecology is fundamental to improving our ability to respond effectively to emerging infectious disease, which is a critical human health and conservation threat.

I am collaborating with fellow Hub Researchers Prof Hugh Possingham, Dr Jonathan Rhodes, Assoc Prof Clive McAlpine and Dr Eve McDonald-Madden on the following specific research:

  • Impact of disease on Koala demography (Project 1.7)
  • Spatial prioritization of restoration in the Atlantic Forest (Renato Crouzeilles) (Project 3.4)
  • Optimization of disease control measures in spatially structured populations (Project 5.8)

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Post Doctoral Research Fellow
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