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Dr Josie Carwardine

Josie is a joint post-doctoral fellow with the Conservation Decisions Lab at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences and the NERP Environmental Decisions Hub at the University of Queensland Node. Her research focuses on conservation planning and decision making for biodiversity conservation under a changing climate and a carbon economy. She endeavours to draw together key ecological and socio-economic information to support better decision outcomes for biodiversity and people.
Josie's current projects include both national and state-wide analyses of priority areas for restoration to achieve carbon and biodiversity benefits, which relates to NERP Project 5.6. Further, she is building upon her pioneering work on prioritising threat management for biodiversity conservation in the Kimberley, to undertake regional scale analyses of cost-effective threat management and the restoration of habitat under a changing climate, in regions such as the Pilbara, the Lake Eyre Basin and the Brigalow, relating to projects 1.4 and 1.4a specifically. Josie also works on analysing the efficiency of the current national reserve system and potential options for its expansion, using both on and off reserve conservation actions, relating to Project 3.7.

Josie's expertise and interests include:

  • achieving biodiversity conservation in a carbon market and under a changing climate, particularly for protecting and restoring native ecosystems and habitat for threatened species
  • developing and applying systematic and economically-grounded methods for cost-effective decision-making for biodiversity conservation and other benefits
  • identifying spatial priorities for new protected areas and off-reserve conservation actions
  • using expert knowledge to make good and adaptive conservation planning decisions in data poor regions
  • mainstreaming biodiversity conservation to achieve multiple outcomes, including ecosystem services and livelihood benefits.

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