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Dr Nathalie Butt

My research focuses on the interaction of climate/climate change and biodiversity, previously mainly applied to forest ecosystems. Currently I am combining species distribution modelling and ecosystem vulnerability for tree species and communities in Australian vegetation groups to predict which treed ecosystems may be most threatened by climate change, and where conservation efforts should focus.

Specific research areas I am working on with Hub Researchers Prof Hugh Possingham and Assoc Prof Clive McAlpine are:

Potential changes in Eucalyptus species' climate space under future climate, related to Projects 1.4 & 3.2

EPBC communities under climate change, related to Projects 1.4 & 3.3

Biodiversity risks from fossil fuel extraction, related to Project 4.1

Other current projects include green turtle vulnerability to climate change in the Coral Triangle, and developing a general framework for species vulnerability to climate change which incorporates the cost and feasibility of conservation actions.

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Post Doctoral Research Fellow
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