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Dr Sam Nicol

Sam is broadly interested in how we make decisions to allocate resources to conservation projects. He uses mathematical optimization tools to figure out the best way to manage resources over time to achieve a conservation goal. Sam uses solution techniques drawn from operations research and artificial intelligence to solve these problems. Within the NERP hub, Sam’s postdoc fits into two projects: building lasting biodiversity assets, and monitoring for adaptive management. The postdoc is focussed on the adaptive management of dynamic networks. This means he is developing new methods to apply cutting-edge optimization tools to manage ecological networks that change over time. His current project is to determine how to manage migratory birds using the East Asia-Australasia flyway under uncertainty about the extent of future sea level rise. Successful management of the flyway will result in the persistence of the flyway and satisfy Australia’s obligations under international migratory species treaties. Future projects will include applying these techniques to invasive species eradication as well as threatened species persistence.

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