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Dr Heini Kujala

Heini is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group at the University of Melbourne. She started her post in August 2012 and is currently involved in NERP Project 4.4.

Heini's background is in ecology and conservation. The main focus of her research lays in the cross section of systematic conservation planning, spatial prioritization and climate change. As part of NERP Project 4.4 she will be working closely with the Regional Sustainability Plans (RSPs) of both Hunter-Valley and Perth-Peel regions where the aim is to facilitate the usage of modern biodiversity conservation methods. The availability of data and tools such as species distribution models or conservation prioritization softwares make it possible to include more systematic and robust biodiversity assessments into RSPs. Heini is also involved in a NCCARF project that optimizes conservation actions for Australia's red-listed species under climate change. In this project both impacts of climate change and optimal resource allocation between actions are fitted into one spatial prioritization.

More generally, Heini's research expertise includes:

  1. Spatial conservation prioritization taking into account multiple factors such as complementarity, habitat quality, connectivity and climate change
  2. Impacts of climate change on biodiversity patterns and its consequences to protected area effectiveness
  3. Uncertainty in conservation planning

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